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Show Visualization
Open to the public:
11:00 AM to 9:00 PM Daily, except for Fridays
 Cairo, Egypt
2 El Saraya Al Kobra, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 4272035

ABOUT ARD Art Institution

ARD is an art institution founded by Hana El-Beblawy in 2022 and specialized in the field of contemporary art practices within the local and international art scene. It presents a diversified program that includes many artistic activities
stemming from the surrounding affairs and is open to the world. The program includes artistic residencies, exhibitions, workshops, talks, meetings, labs which ARD seeks to provide as services that would contribute to effective artistic
patterns in society. It also strives for a fruitful art scene that is not constrained by the traditional standards of the art market.



The ARD Library consists of a diverse collection and range of artbooks. The dynamic space and books are available for researchers, curators and artists to initiate and enrich their research process and to further develop their artistic
knowledge. This opportunity will motivate visitors to immerse themselves in this space and this field of knowledge; as well as, nurture their artistic endeavors and foster creative growth while delving in historical art movements or more
contemporary trends.