Open to the public:
Sunday - Wednesday
10 am : 4 pm

 Cairo, Egypt
43 Sherif Pasha St., 3rd floor, Apartment 12


CLUSTER — Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research —is a platform for urban research, art and design initiatives in downtown Cairo.

CLUSTER aims at establishing a space for critical urban discourse and design practice, with a particular focus on public space ands urban informality. CLUSTER's practice involves four sets of activities: architecture and urban design; research and mapping; networking events, web-platforms and public programs; and workshops and trainings.


Cairo Urban Resource Library (CURL) is a dedicated library collection housed at CLUSTER. CURL is a focused Architecture/Urbanism collection within the context of an interdisciplinary library, including books, maps, and technical reports related to:

Modern Urbanism – Cairo.
Urban Geography – Egypt.
Islamic Art, Architecture and Urbanism.
American Architecture and Urbanism.
Urban History and Theory.
Architectural History.
Architecture Design and Theory.
Vernacular Architecture
Informal Urbanism